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Tarot Spread – The Path of Wisdom

For those deciding between options A and B, I have found that The Path of Wisdom tarot pread by Vision Quest Tarot shows much clearer answers than any other two-path decision-making spread that I have tried.

I have made a number of modifications to The Path of Wisdom tarot spread based on my experience using it to guide my decision on several matters.

Hold your options, A and B, clearly in mind, and draw the first seven cards. Make an initial analysis of your cards and draw cards #8, 9, and open the shadow card at the bottom of the deck to get an overall feel of your issue and the solution.

7. The Path of Wisdom

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Tarot Spread – How to solve a problem

Draw four cards for the positions in the spread.

6. How to solve a problem

I designed this tarot spread as guided by a burst of energy. I thought, why not seek the help of the tarot to tackle a myriad of problems? You could try it for a glitch in your love life, when you are stuck at work, when you have a run in with your parent(s), when you hope to get out of a rut in creative writing or spiritual journey, and more.

I made reference to a problem-solving matrix that I found online.6. How to solve a problem Reference

Sample Read

For an imaginary querent,

1. 3 of Pentacles – you seem to need to put yourself out there right now. You need to display your skills to strangers, possibly in the form of a proposal, cold calls, advertisements, crafting a solid portfolio/ CV.

2. 9 of Wands Reversed seems to suggest that you are very detached from the people and that hinders the sales of yourself. You seem to have come a long way in dealing with the will, excitement, and outward demands of the crowd. And you are now really tired of talking to these people. But deep down, you know that you have got to push at your sales as in the 3 of Pentacles. You are almost there in achieving your target but there is just one thing missing. And I can see that in the 9 of Cups card below.

3. Justice as an assumption seems to suggest that you need to take care of the fairness in the deal which you have been working hard to nail in the 3 of Pentacles. You have to check what you are offering again and this time, you need to make sure to appeal to the hearts of your target audience, and not only to their desires and motivations! This card in upright position suggests that the outcome is likely to go in your favour if you could settle the demands of the people that you left out in the cold in the 9 of Wands Reversed. You need to turn that card upright. The two 9s also echoes that the deal you hope to strike is nearing an end and likely to move to completion with a fair and just step by you.

4. 9 of Cups suggests that you have to fulfil the emotional wishes of the target audience you are dealing with. This exactly mirrors the 9 of Wands. It seems that each individual has an individual emotional wish. And you could sit down in a face-to-face Focused Group Discussion with all of them, similar to the man in 9 of Cups, in order to ensure that all of them feel like they are heard.

With the Queen of Wands as the shadow card, I see that you have within you the compassion and nurturing quality (yellow gown corresponding to yellow 9 of Cups) to make people feel cared for. And you also have with you the energy to bring people together and consolidate their aspirations as one (Queen holding the long Wand). Once again, you are called upon to be fair in your ways as a Queen is, and you will likely strike a deal of your heart’s desire.

6. How to solve a problem Reading

Deck: The Original Rider-Waite Smith Tarot
Credits: Jonny Schneider and Barry O’Reilly

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Tarot Spread – Storyboard Dream

Draw six cards for the positions in the spread.

5. Storyboard Dream

I have designed this tarot spread for myself to decode my dreams.

I have vivid dreams all the time and they are sometimes prophetic. I find it challenging to decode my dreams so I often share them with close friends. My friends are really good at decoding my dreams because they are able to see things as a third party. So, I thought, instead of troubling them, why not use the tarot as a mirror to my subconscious.

I have tried numerous dream spreads with little gains. I do not understand the questions given and/or the purpose of having that question in the dream spreads that I had tried.

I need something that is more pragmatic; something that translates dreams into possible real actions! So, I have designed my own dream spread using a design-thinking approach.

5. Storyboard Dream ReferenceSample Read

1. What could my dream be about?
2. What might be my key takeaway from this dream?
3. What were my thoughts and emotions in the dream?
4. How different is my dream from where I am heading in life right now?
5. How might I use the key takeaway from my dream?
6. What is a last thought I may have about this dream?


1. What – Knight of Wands Reversed
I might already be thinking outside the box and making creative headway in my learning of the tarot. In reversed, I may be letting it take too much of my time. So, my dreams call upon me to get grounded again.

2. Key takeaway – Page of Swords
I see that I might be learning the complex jargon of a new field, that is, the tarot. And I am beginning to understand what I could look like when I master this language, that would be the King of Swords, which is the natural progression of the Page of Swords.

3. Thoughts & Emotions – The Star Reversed.
I see that I am inspired towards a new spiritual path, in a calm state and feeling hopeful. I hope to give more of myself and my resources to make this world a better place. But in reversed, I feel that I need to go do some work for my day job right now!

4. How different is my dream from my reality – 8 of Pentacles
Yes! Haha! This is confirmation that I am still very much in my work and I need to get back into that conscientious “study” mode of hacking away my core skills and knowledge. This is a wake-up call.

In my personal opinion, question 4 is the one card that pinpoints and direct you to where you must focus on upon harnessing the power of your dream. Once you look at the contrast between dream and reality, you will get to action immediately.

5. How might I use the key takeaway in my real life – 6 of Swords.
Go away from the tarot for a while! Pack my thoughts about it and turn away for a while. This mental break will do me good. It will allow me to reach the next shore and eventually gain progress in my tarot journey!

6. What might be a last thought I have about my dream – 4 of Cups
As a confirmation, I need to take a break so that I will see opportunities that are looming in the peripheral of my life, especially an opportunity that is emotional in nature. 😊 (I do have a movie date to watch Jurassic World coming up on Monday.)

Overall, I feel like my dream is calling upon me to put tarot aside for a while and move some real work. This is so that I may pick up on other areas of my life. I find that this is a wonderful dream message.

While I have made reference to a storyboard that someone else had used to reflect on his workshop, I have crafted the questions for dreams on my own and I have also rearranged the questions such that they work in pairs.

5. Storyboard Dream Reading

In the image above, I had placed the cards differently from my spread because I had revised my spread. You may follow my narrative instead.

Deck: Classic Rider-Waite Smith
Credit: ambikajain on Storyboard That

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Tarot Spread – 5 Languages of Love

Draw five cards for the positions in the spread.

4. 5 Languages of Love

I see many questions on love, romance, marriage, and relationships. And I wondered, what happens when a querent asks, “will my marriage last?” Or “will I end up with him?” I think that this sounds like a yes/no question and I have found that the tarot is not the best in answering yes/no questions. But I could begin to guide the querent by taking the path of, “let’s see how you may develop or strengthen your relationship by drawing a handful of cards first.”

So, I designed this spread based on the 5 Languages of Love.

4. 5 Languages of Love Reference

Sample Read

1. How might I speak with more encouragement?
2. How might I dedicate quality time?
3. In what ways might I give and receive better?
4. How might I provide greater service?
5. How might I show great physical affection?

1. Hand him the baton to use; portray each scenario in a way where he feels powerful to act. Let him make decisions by holding space for mistakes so that each other may learn and grow from any situation. Speak with excitement, in a nurturing manner, as though every time of communication is an opportunity for a great adventure!

2. Celebrate every small victory along the way. You don’t have to wait till perfection to celebrate. A step forward is a step closer to your common goals. Bring in family and friends to celebrate. Share in each other’s joy together with the community.

3. Give and receive like new love, with a pure and sincere heart.

4. Provide greater service by acting rather than thinking so hard about what to do. Let go of your head and act on any opportunity. There is no need to stress from this.

5. Open your arms to give and receive rather than hoarding. Value is only gotten when you are available.

Overall, there seems to be a need to focus on providing acts of services more often and be more forthcoming with physical touch! 😊

4. 5 Languages of Love Reading

Deck: Tarot Mucha

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Tarot Spread – 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership

Draw five cards for the positions in the spread.

3. 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership

I have created this spread to gain greater stewardship in my personal life, using The 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership by Barry Posner and James Kouzes.

3. 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership Reference

More often than not, when you see or you are in a project team that is bumpy or failing, it is because one or more of the five practices are absent. So how might one work on oneself as a leader and also to forge a great team at the same time?

Sample Read

For my highest good,
1. How might I model the way?
2. In what way might I inspire a share vision?
3. Where might I challenge the process?
4. How am I enabling others to act?
5. How might I encourage the heart?

1. The Magician calls upon me to keep on creating; to mould the good I wish to see in this world. I am challenged to examine my surroundings for the seeds to nurture and to go ahead with planting these seeds.

2. The Knight of Swords represents an approach I should take. In this case, I should inspire a shared vision by acting first, swiftly, cleanly, and with integrity. I should lead by example of conquering the higher ground first, so as to show the view/vision from the top. It is when the team can see the big picture that I inspire a shared vision.

3. 5 of Swords – I may challenge the process in our approach to achievement – that winning alone is not victory. Watch out for who I may leave behind. Watch out for the words used. Question myself, is this a think-win-win decision?

4. The Devil – Be careful what I enable others to act upon because my actions and words could be a greater influence than I think. For better, it gets people away from the devil. For worse, it is the devil. When I am the magician, I must realise the power of my role and the responsibility to question the impact and extent of influence of my words and actions.

5. The Fool – See the infinite possibilities of everybody; recognise the immense potential of every idea. Think, act, and speak in a way that allows the bloom of all possibilities. Do not shut down others prematurely.

Personal reflection: I feel like performing this spread is an incredible reminder for me to work doubly hard towards my higher good. I am not perfect and I don’t do all of the five practices in every moment. That’s precisely why I do this tarot to check myself; to let the heaven, earth, and my own conscience, call me out.

3. 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership Reading

Deck: Tarot Mucha

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