The Journey Begins

Welcome to Glow Tarot.

Firstly, blessings and good fortune to everyone!

Second, my name is Cocoa Evenings. I run the the photography blog http://www.cocoaevenings.com and also the watercolour art blog http://www.cracktheclaypot.wordpress.com I am on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/cocoaevenings/

Thirdly, I am a Gemini and an INFJ. I have always sensed that I know things out of a nowhere but I had my first real taste of intuition at the age of 10. Then, I found out that I could close my eyes and will for the answer to pop up when I watched Who Wants to Be a Millionaire on TV. I felt that my willpower was more challenged as the questions got harder. Nobody believed me and I had since felt like an odd child. But I continued to hone my intuition because it is very useful! As a student, I loved using my intuition to solve Mathematics questions. I found out that I could simply read the question, internalise the diagram given and sleep on the question. In four hours’ time to around two days later, the answer will appear to me when I look at the question again. I reserve the use of intuition for only the hardest of questions because I love Mathematics and problem-solving and also because using intuition drains energy.

Fourthly, on MBTI personality type, it is useful knowledge but absolutely not cast in stone. And also, no one type is more powerful than another. In fact, the rarest type of all, INFJ, makes the lowest annual income on average and they are often not in positions of authority. It is what it is – rare; no more and no less. If I might use my intuition here (haha!), I’d say INFJs are the most dominant type in the world of the Tarot. On MBTI type not cast in stone, I first took the official (paid) MBTI test at age 16. I was an INTP. I knew I was clearly a Science person, analytical and investigative (I still am). A little while after I started work, I became an ENTJ because I needed to be executional, decisive, clear-cut, and organise larger scale events. I became good friends with a Feeling colleague and I also deliberately learnt to be more empathetic (I did not understand empathy when I was an INTP). Suddenly, I found myself an INFJ! Then, everything in life seems to click for me. I have always been a healer-type of person; often choosing the Healer role in MMORPGs rather than the more powerful Fighter or Magician.

Fifthly, that brings me to this point of creating Glow Tarot. I hope to share my learning experience with you using my skills and experiences as a trained educator. If you refer to my watercolour art blog cracktheclaypot.wordpress.com, you will see how I had curated resources online for learning watercolour. Curating knowledge to deliver a learning outcome is one of the many things I am trained to do. If you have received a Tarot reading from me before, you would have seen how I questioned clearly and accurately as well as interpreted the Tarot with relevance and depth so that you receive an inspiring and/or healing message. Questioning is another skill that I have been trained in.

Finally, I love learning, writing, and sharing (yes, a key trait of a Gemini – communication). That’s why I bring to you Glow Tarot. I aspire for this space to feel safe and loving so that you will come to love learning and sharing too! In this way, let’s make joy sparkle across the world.

Thanks for joining me!

Joy and sparkle,

Cocoa Evenings

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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